How to Achieve Transparency and Trust with Your Agency Partners to Build Partnerships that Deliver the Best Results for Your Business

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing business landscape, strong partnerships are more important than ever, particularly in the field of marketing. These relationships often involve a range of agency partners who specialize in various aspects of marketing, from digital advertising and media to public relation and e-commerce. It is common knowledge that the most effective partnerships […]

Breaking the Hamster Wheel: Unleashing Procurement’s Full Potential

Leading Women-Owned Marketing Procurement Firm

With the US Labor Day (and therefore the unofficial end of summer) behind us, most organizations are going into planning for 2024 (or their own off calendar year fiscal version thereof). While most organizations have a structured approach to create plans for generating client revenues, there is a strong focus on managing the cost side […]

A quick, cost-effective way to protect against risks in marketing spend

A quick, cost-effective way to protect against risks in marketing spend

As we say goodbye to the summer and head into a busy fall, many of us in marketing services will spend much of the rest of the year running strategic and financial planning sessions that will dictate activity for 2023. It’s an intense period of collecting budget numbers from brands and functions, rolling them up […]

Can Marketing Procurement help CMOs sleep better at night?

Can Marketing Procurement help CMOs sleep better at night?

Reflecting on the article “what keeps CMOs up at night”, published by Joe Mandese for Media Daily News on May 8th (link posted below), we believe that least five of the top ten concerns for CMOs can be addressed by partnering closer with Marketing Procurement.

Nick Sparey joins RAUS Global as Senior Partner

Former Johnson & Johnson Marketing Procurement VP Nick Sparey has officially joined RAUS Global LLC as a key member of the leadership team. Sparey brings over 25-years’ experience in the industry in Agencies, Media Auditing, Consulting and Marketing Procurement to the RAUS team. He will be based in London with a specific focus on the […]

Chris Kenna: Marketing Procurement’s role in driving diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion was on everyone’s mind in 2022. On December 7th, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) announced that the winner of the 2022 Marketing Word of the Year is inclusion. This comes a year after the ANA Word of the Year was diversity. While these two words belong to the same family, the […]

Will 2023 be the Year of Marketing Procurement? – October 2022

As we are wrapping up the last quarter of 2022, many of us start to think about what 2023 has in hold for our organization and for our team. 2022 has been focused on the lingering Covid-19 effects, remote vs. in-the-office work, talent shortage, uncertainty in the supply chain for certain categories and of course […]